About Us


PHP Code Builder is a website for auto generating CRUD(Create Read Update and Delete) code for Codeigniter, Laravel, Cake PHP and Core PHP with simple UI & UX Form.

Right from here you start using CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) aka (Add,Edit, View, Delete Code) generator. The CRUD functionality is added with the crud generator tool. This crud generator can generate Core PHP, Codeigniter, Cake PHP, Laravel 4.0, Laravel 5.0 & Laravel 5.x crud functionality code with mysql database query. All the view pages(add,edit,view,delete) in crud generated auto code is generated with bootstrap 3.0 design.It also generates create table query with crud functionality.You can generate crud example with your table name and input fields.

Features of PHP Code Builder

The features of PHP code builder is as below.

  • PHP code builder is Free to use
  • Supports multiple Coding Frameworks
  • Generate your CRUD. The easy way.
  • Develop any Website or Admin Panel in 30 minutes or less.

We Provide Easy Graphical User Interface GUI to create CRUD Solutions With a Great Attention to Details.

No Code Low Code

You just need to enter the fields and the relevant code will be delivered automatically.

Time Saver

Reduce Development time frame by 80% over your total time frame of Development.

Simple to use & Deploy

Code Generated can be easily integrated in any HTML template. You can easily customize it if you have little Bootstrap & HTML knowledge.

Secure Code

Every CODE generated is secure. We dig through the values & standard practices to make your code secure.