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In the development of any web based project, there are 4 basic operations associated with any entity : Create, Read, Update and Delete. CRUD is an acronym, which stands for Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete, is a very important part of computer programming
PHP Code Builder is online FREE website for auto generating CRUD(Create Read Update and Delete) code functionality by using a simple form & 1 click. User just need to enter the details in a simple Form CRUD for Core PHP, CRUD Generator for Laravel 4, Laravel 5 & Laravel 5.x, CRUD for Codeigniter, CRUD for Cake PHP 2 & Cake PHP 3 can be easily created with PHP Code Builder. User can generate CRUD for all popular frameworks online for FREE. PHP Code Builder support almost all popular frameworks and its versions. Each framework generate crud with view template standard in that framework. Bootstrap styling is added with all view pages.
There are a multiple reasons why you should use PHP Code Builder for your web project because of the following reasons :-
  1. To bring down the cost of development.
  2. To reduce the time of development by 50%.
  3. To ensure a common coding structure to all generated code and standard conventions are maintained about function naming.
  4. To eliminate errors in creation of CRUD.
  5. To avoid repetition of writing the same CRUD code over and over again. Valuable development time that was used for writing CRUD code can now be used for writing more complex parts of the application and the menial CRUD generation work can be automated.
  6. PHP online code generators are programs that automatically generate code based on the inputs that you enter in the input. The benefit of using a code generator is that they can allow you to save time and money.
Its FREE, you heard it right, its FREE to use.
PHP Code Builder includes almost all popular frameworks and its versions.New updates in laravel is included in PHP Code Builder.The frameworks supported by PHP Code Bulder is as below:-
  1. Laravel
  2. Codeigniter
  3. Cake PHP
  4. Core PHP

PHP Code Builder is a PHP developers site,it mainly focused on helping developers to easily generate CRUD

  • PHP code builder is Free
  • Simplicity of use
  • Supports multiple frameworks
  • Create MySQL code i.e. SQL query to create table based on user inputs
  • Bootstrap & CSS is already integrated.
  • ID & Status field is added automatically.
This tool can be utilized to its full potential by Website Developers and even Website Designers. Professional who have been hired for both Website Design & Website Development projects will find the tremendous use of this tool as it automatically generates the HTML form, PHP & MySQL with minimal HTML input.
Intended Audience: Web Developers & Website Designers
Level of understanding: Basic, Intermediate
Requirements: PHP4+, MySQL database
Pricing: Free for both commercial & non-commercial use
Other information: Security features (such as escaping input, validation) are not included - You will need to add these yourself.
It so happens that in almost every PHP/MySQL based websites, there could be use for a number of forms, ranging from simple to complex. Designing all of these forms from scratch, implementing them, collecting POST information in PHP & then processing this info in MySQL, for different statements can consume immense amount of time and could get repetitive and boring. FPMG is a free online tool, that lets you reduce the repetition associated with setting up a the forms and the related PHP/MySQL code for the form processing. You will be able to generate forms instantly that are accessible to W3 standards! And the best part is, - it's completely free to use.
Yes, although you could do that, as stated earlier, the tool does NOT escape input when processing the queries. Without escaping input, there is high risk that the website may be hacked/deleted by a hacker. Hence we strongly suggest you escape the input on your own. Different developers have their own way of cleaning & escaping input, hence we did not do it ourselves. We may however, consider doing this to make the process even more easier if we get enough requests to include the feature of escaping input.
As this is a free tool, we cannot promise that we will be able to respond to all the queries we receive. However, if you need to hire a website designer or a website developer for your project, we can arrange for the same. You may also send us your Feedback / Comments / Feature Requests by visiting the "Contact Us"